Wernhil Park MADE IN NAMIBIA exhibition screams success

Wernhil Exhibition 2019

Sharing the same birth year with Namibia, and in celebration of its 29th existence, Namibia’s very first shopping centre, Wernhil Park last week hosted its debut MADE IN NAMIBIA exhibition – leading up to the country’s 29th Independence celebrations. According to Head: Public Relations & Marketing at Broll Namibia (owner and manager of Wernhil Park) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group -, Sylvia Rusch, the event has proven to be a great success!

Rusch emphasized that the MADE IN NAMIBIA exhibition will be an annual initiative, especially encouraged by the support and participation of Namibians to this year’s first attempt. Rusch: “We were overwhelmed with the level of interest shown to participate at this event aimed at showcasing, and creating awareness on proudly Namibian products, services, entrepreneurs, talent, etc. The event is aimed at creating awareness of the creativity and business expertise of our Namibian people and also to give Namibian products a platform for promotion, while enabling upcoming entrepreneurs to market their products and services, all under one roof. Wernhil Park, Broll Namibia, and the entire O&L Group at large is passionate about, and dedicated to supporting local, as well as the national Growth-At-Home agenda. This is such a critical element to the growth of the Namibian economy.”

In addition Rusch says, the exhibition is also aimed at educating and encouraging shoppers to support Namibian products which can result in job creation and sustainability. To motivate other upcoming entrepreneurs that regardless of the economic downturn, they should be brave and not give in. The exhibition hosted 17 exhibitors that showcased exquisite traditional cuisine, locally produced products and services, and plenty of authentic Namibian entertainment, with at least 16 local artists enticing the audience and exhibition goers with their original sounds and creations. Recycling was also strongly promoted at the MADE IN NAMIBIA exhibition. Rusch: Recycling has become a very critical chapter on the topic of environmental sustainability, hence our commitment to supporting the recycling agenda of the nation, in preserving our environment.”

Wernhil Park was inaugurated by Founding Father and former President of Namibia, His Excellency Dr Sam Nujoma in August 1990.

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