O&L Fresh Produce

About O&L Fresh Produce

Sustaining Namibia through farm freshness!

O&L Fresh Produce empowers local producers of fresh fruit and vegetables to get their stock on retail shelves which, in turn, gives consumers more fresh local food options.

With resources such as cold chain networks and distribution facilities, and expertise from strategic partners across the fresh produce value chain, O&L Fresh Produce guides farmers from the planning and planting stage, through to harvesting, packaging and barcoding, and distribution. By providing producers with the support, information and advice they need, O&L Fresh Produce equips them to develop forward-looking growth plans, which help create more sustainable farming practices and enterprises.

The main objectives of O&L Fresh Produce are to spur the development of the local agricultural sector; advance sustainable food production systems; and contribute towards achieving food security in Namibia.

O&L  Fresh Pty Ltd.

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