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Established in 1946 as the Rietfontein Cooperative Creamery, the company’s roots trace back to its initial focus on sourcing cream for butter production from local farmers in the Grootfontein area. Amidst the industry’s shifts, the cooperative joined forces with the SWA Dairy Cooperation in the early 1980s, only to face a restructure after its collapse in 1982, birthing ‘Melkor’ in 1983. Simultaneously, entrepreneur Mr. Bonadei, sensing the need for independence, founded Bonmilk (Pty) Ltd. in response to low milk quota allocations. In 1997, these entities merged to form Namibia Dairies (Pty) Ltd., a subsidiary of Ohlthaver & List Group.

Over the years, Namibia Dairies has undergone strategic changes, closed unprofitable depots and consolidated its brand portfolio. Today, the company operates two Namibian depots in Windhoek and Oshakati, streamlining its operations for efficiency, of which the integration of the O&L Farming Division in 2007 and the establishment of the !Aimab Superfarm in Mariental in 2009 are key milestones. Boasting state-of-the-art technology, the Superfarm stands as a testament to Namibia Dairies’ commitment to innovation and excellence.

The !Aimab Superfarm hosts approximately 900 high-yielding cows, producing between 29,000 and 31,500 liters of all-natural, hormone-free milk per day. With a focus on herd health and genetics, the farm employs world-class breeding genetics and continues to upgrade its monitoring systems for optimal care.

Pioneers in the industry, being the first to introduce ESL (Extended Shelf Life) milk in Southern Africa and long-life milk in Namibia, Namibia Dairies’ diverse product portfolio includes UHT fresh and traditional fermented milk products, fruit juice, and dairy blends under leading brands such as Nammilk™, Oshikandela™, Culture Collection Omaere, Culture Collection Oshitaka, Rietfontein™, Sunsation™, Snackies™, and Dairylove™, as well as our delectable yoghurt ranges Everyday, MyMoo, Greek, and Bulgarian, all under the Namibia Dairies banner.

Beyond business, Namibia Dairies is deeply committed to the growth of the dairy industry and the overall well-being of its customers, consumers, employees, and communities. Upholding a philosophy that values its employees as significant assets, the company continually strives to enhance job satisfaction, career planning, upliftment, and training opportunities. Namibia Dairies stands as a pillar in fostering health, prosperity, and quality of life throughout Namibia and the broader region.

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