The Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, renowned for its commitment to Authenticity, Care and Passion, announces an exciting chapter in its Vision 2029 journey.

In a testament to its dedication to growth and sustainability, O&L Group is implementing significant changes aimed at revitalising its core foundation. At the heart of this transformation is the formation of the new Group Executive Committee (EXCO), consolidating the roles of the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) into one dynamic leadership entity.

This strategic move is designed to enhance alignment, clarity and efficiency in decision-making processes, while staying true to O&L’s core values. The EXCO will comprise esteemed individuals including Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme; Chief Operations Officer, Wynand Oosthuizen; Chief Financial Officer, Theresa Weitz; Chief Human Capital Officer, Terence Makari; and the newly appointed Chief Experience Officer, Franziska Rueeck. Together, this powerhouse team will steer O&L Group towards 2029, embodying the O&L Persona and pursuing a collective dream with unwavering dedication.

“I am excited to lead the O&L Group into this transformative phase,” remarked Executive Chairman Sven Thieme. “Our Vision 2029 journey signifies a commitment to revitalising our organization and embracing change with optimism and determination.”

As O&L Group embarks on its Vision 2029 journey, it invites partners, stakeholders and the community to join in its pursuit of renewal and transformation. Together, O&L Group is poised to shape a future that is brighter, more promising and deeply rooted in its core values.

About O&L Group:
O&L Group is a leading conglomerate dedicated to driving growth, innovation and sustainable development across various sectors. With a rich history spanning more than a century, O&L Group remains committed to its foundation of Authenticity, Care and Passion, guiding its operations and decisions towards a brighter future.

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