The “BEAT OF NAMIBIA” is born!

The Beat of Namibia

There’s something so unique about Namibians – they believe in building a community of togetherness. On Wednesday, 20 March 2019, Tafel Lager – the most loved beer brand in Namibia that creates a sense of togetherness and national pride – officially introduced its “Beat of Namibia” song in celebration of the country’s 29th Independence.

The “Beat of Namibia” campaign was launched six (6) weeks ago, inviting Namibians from all walks of life to be part of creating a song for Namibia. Namibians were asked to send in video clips of 15 seconds long showcasing their own, unique beats, tunes and dance moves for a chance to be featured in the biggest song ever made in the country. From playing drums on empty paint cans, to the sound of traditional ululating and sharing of secret dance moves, thousands of entries – which created a cultural melting pot – were received via WhatsApp for the “Beat of Namibia” campaign. And so, the “Beat” was born!

NBL Senior Brand Manager, Elize van Kradenburg: “Tafel Lager believes that ‘there is more that connects us’ than ‘divides us’ – a sentiment that is the foundation of the ‘Beat of Namibia’ campaign. What better way to honour this unity than by giving it a platform through music – the universal language everyone in the world understands?  We are excited using music as the vehicle to bring cultures together and create a sense of patriotism.”

Namibia’s most renowned music producer, Sam-E Lee headed the production with the support of Namibian artists: Sunny Boy; Treza; Adora; Bertholdt; TheFuturelsGiggz; KP Illest; Top Cheri, and Ghetto Ballerina. Every entry was curated by the team and used to build the song – a beautiful chemistry of co-creation that encapsulated the Beat of Namibia.

The 2019 Independence Day will start on a more exciting note for every person that entered the campaign,  as each one of them will wake up to the “Beat of Namibia” on their phones. This proudly Namibian creation will also be heard in every corner of the country on national radio stations, NBC television and DStv, and will also be live on online music platforms like YouTube.

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