STARS UNDER AFRICAN SKIES concert: a night of music, philanthropy and unforgettable moments

Mickie Krause joins the party

The STARS UNDER AFRICAN SKIES (SUAS) concert, held at the unique and enchanting Midgard Country Estate, transcended the boundaries of a typical musical event, bringing together a diverse audience for an extraordinary night of entertainment and philanthropy. The concert, held to benefit the FLY & HELP School project in Namibia, showcased a seamless blend of authentic performances, passion for a noble cause, and a genuine care for making a difference in the lives of children.

The main purpose of the SUAS concert was to serve as a benefit event for the FLY & HELP School project in Namibia. The concept originated from the “Nacht des Deutschen Schlagers” held in Windhoek in 2016/17, where Reiner Meutsch, the founder of FLY & HELP, developed a deep connection with Namibia. This profound admiration for the country inspired the creation of an event that would not only celebrate music but also contribute to the betterment of education in Namibia.

The event welcomed a diverse audience, with 180 international guests who embarked on various country-wide tours preceding the concert. Additionally, 200 local guests from Namibia added a vibrant local flavour to the event. Attendees were strategically invited through various channels, ensuring a mix of international and local participants, creating a truly inclusive atmosphere.

The concert featured four German performers – Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Mickie Krause, Markus and Yvonne – all long-time supporters of FLY & HELP. These artists not only brought diverse musical styles and decades of experience to the stage but also exemplified a shared commitment to philanthropy. Their performances showcased not just musical talent but a genuine passion for making a positive impact on the world. The funds raised during the concert will be utilised for the construction of a school in Kaokoveld, Namibia. Anna Maria Zimmermann has committed to financing one school and additional schools may be funded by guests in Madagascar, reflecting the global impact of the event.

The Reiner Meutsch FLY & HELP Foundation has already financed over 90 educational projects in Namibia, with a total value of approximately 5.5 million euros. The foundation’s impact extends globally, with nearly 800 schools constructed worldwide, benefitting 160,000 children in 57 countries. Meticulously organised over six months, the event overcame logistical challenges through strategic planning and collaboration. Key sponsors and partners, including the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, Hitradio Namibia, Discover Airlines, Savanna Car Hire, Komnik & Franck, Hartlief, DB Audio, Kickstart, and Pro Camp Gear Rental, played a crucial role in ensuring the event’s success.

The concert was marked by exceptional performances and memorable moments, with artists engaging actively with the audience. The audience responded with overwhelming enthusiasm, creating an unforgettable experience. The organising team received positive feedback, highlighting the exceptional service and attention to detail, even in challenging weather conditions.

Midgard, the venue for the event and one of O&L Leisure’s prestige properties, offers a unique blend of amenities, including a private wedding venue, an amphitheatre for diverse events and a tranquil retreat for couples or groups. The estate provides a haven surrounded by nature, offering activities like horse riding and bowling for a diverse range of entertainment options.

In conclusion, the STARS UNDER AFRICAN SKIES concert not only celebrated music and entertainment but also showcased the power of collaboration and the impact of philanthropy. The event exemplified the O&L persona of Authenticity, Passion and Care, creating a lasting impression on attendees and contributing to the noble cause of education for children in Namibia.

Markus Yvonne Anna Maria Rainer Meutsch and Mickie at Midgard 1 4
All three artists on stage for the final song 3
Anna Maria Zimmermann 4

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