O&L Group secures sole ownership of Dimensions Data Namibia

The Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, a leading force in Namibia’s business landscape, has announced a groundbreaking milestone that is poised to re-define Namibia’s information and communication technology sector. In a strategic manoeuvre highlighting its technological advancement and commitment to progress to Namibia, O&L is set to become the sole shareholder of Dimension Data in Namibia. This move solidifies O&L’s position as a premier Systems Integration and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider in the region.

This momentous development not only underscores O&L’s commitment to the ICT landscape in Namibia but also signifies its decision to acquire the remaining 49% interest in DD Namibia, thereby gaining sole control. This move showcases O&L’s deep commitment to harnessing the significant potential of technology, influencing strategies, operations, and perspectives.

Sven Thieme, Executive Chairman of the O&L Group, stated: “At O&L we are confident that this acquisition enables us to embrace a transformative force that shapes the future and empowers us to lead change, innovate fearlessly, and compete fiercely in a world where technology drives progress. O&L recognizes the opportunity to become the sole shareholder of this specialized ICT services provider with access to global expertise and solutions whilst building an authentic, caring, and passionate Namibian brand.”

Annalize Van der Merwe, Managing Director of DD Namibia, expressed excitement about this new phase and assured stakeholders, clients, and employees of a seamless transition. “While our shareholding structure is changing, the continuation of our technical collaboration with Dimension Data and NTT will give us access to global expertise and solutions whilst we develop a proudly Namibian brand. Our commitment to innovation, growth and the highest standard of service to our clients and the communities in which we operate remains unwavering.”

Van der Merwe reaffirmed O&L and DD Namibia’s dedication to ensuring job security and fostering a stable, experienced, and resilient Namibian workforce. She stressed that the management structure will remain consistent, underscoring a commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for all employees. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and the applications has been submitted.

“As part of our evolving journey, we are developing a new brand identity and reflecting our commitment to innovation and growth,” Van der Merwe concluded. “Rest assured, our strong technical collaboration with Dimension Data and NTT remain intact. We are confident that our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional, quality services will ensure a seamless transition for our clients and stakeholders, upholding the excellence you’ve come to trust.”

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