NBL keeps Fish River Canyon seasonal hikes alive

NBL Fish River Canyon

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – through its brand Windhoek Light recently donated equipment to the Namibia Wildlife Resort (NWR) and Ministry of Environment & Tourism (MET) in aid of keeping the Fish River Canyon activities alive during the extreme drought that has shown a great threat to the existence of canyon activities, especially hiking.

The main purpose of the kits donated by Windhoek Light would be to assist the NWR and the MET with equipment to set up water points seasonably as necessary for the annual seasonal Fish River Canyon Hikes. NBL Supervisor: Sponsorships, Nico Gericke handed over the kits after the annual Windhoek Light Fish River Ultra on 16 June 2019 at the NWR Ai-Ais Resort. Gericke: “We are happy to contribute to the sustainability of the activities in the canyon which has over the years proven to be a significant tourist attraction to Namibia. The Fish Canyon has also become a home for NBL, and Windhoek Light in particular, as the main sponsor of the annual Windhoek Light Fish Ultra. It thus just feels right that we do what we can to secure a future for this magnificent Namibian gem.”

The two (2) kits donated also include water purification assistance for water along the Fish River Canyon Hiking Route. NWR Chief – Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit, Zandry Haimbondi: “Water is very scarce at the Fish River Canyon, and without it, the seasonal hikes will not be possible. NBL, in particular Windhoek Light made a big difference in the future of this Namibian pride. Instead of cancelling the hike, the donation by NBL will help a lot in setting up the necessary water points. I am just happy we do not have to close the hikes as was anticipated would have been the next logistical step. Thank you NBL.”

NBL’s complete donation include: 2 x Tents, 2 x Sleeping Bags, 2 x Sleeping Mats, 2 x Hikers Backpacks, 2 x Gas Stoves, 6 x Gas Canisters, 2 x Camping Cooking Sets, 2 x cutlery sets, 2 x Mosquito Repellent, 2 x solar head lamps, 2 x First aid kits, 10 x 20l Water carriers, 7 x Water purification drops and 5 x 100l Water Tanks.

The Windhoek Light Fish River Ultra was procured in 2017 from former organizers Africa Extreme Promotions (AEP). In 2018 NBL entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MET to use the event to raise funds to contribute to the development of tourism and sustainability in the south of Namibia.

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