Namibian online shopping platform DotDune launches

DotDune Launch

Namibia’s new online shopping portal, DotDune, has officially opened to the Namibian public. The latest addition to the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) portfolio of companies, the 100% Namibian company intends to champion local businesses and brands by offering them a reliable platform to conveniently sell their products online, whilst giving consumers a fresh, dynamic online marketplace which delivers their purchases straight to their doors.

The brand’s name and visual identity – developed by advertising agency and fellow O&L subsidiary, Weathermen & Co – set the platform apart from other dot-coms by channelling the unique Namibian landscape in the design of DotDune’s shopping landscape. The brand’s visual terrain took inspiration, in part, from the moving masses of particles which shape the shifting contours of our characteristic dunes, but also from the fluidity and momentum of other natural elements and – the brand’s technical territory – innovation. The wavelike imagery of the brand alludes to that dynamism around which DotDune has curated its shopping experience: responsive and continuously evolving, in synchronisation with an ever-changing world, and accompanied by the invitation to ‘Experience Shopping in Motion’.

Namibians can begin their DotDune shopping experience by accessing the website at or signing up on the DotDune app, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. After browsing and taking their selected goods to check-out, shoppers can securely pay for their purchases via PayToday, bank transfer or Virtual Card Services (VCS). Shoppers can also enjoy a 5% discount off their first purchase on the site.

For registered sellers who do not use their own verified delivery systems, DotDune has partnered with EBikes4Africa to offer consumers a reliable and eco-friendly delivery option in Windhoek, with same-day delivery on orders placed before 13:00. Deliveries outside of Windhoek will be covered by other local delivery suppliers.

O&L Group Corporate Digital Specialist and lead developer of DotDune, Jean Nolte, shared his inspiration for establishing the shopping portal: “I believe we can take Namibia and O&L to new heights and participate in the global economy by embracing technology. Not only will this innovation create new jobs and business opportunities, but it will also resonate with our people, including our loyal O&L consumers who believe in us and trust us to continuously innovate and meet their expectations.

“The development of DotDune is perfectly aligned with our Group 2025 Breakthrough Strategy, specifically to create new-to-world outcomes and a culture of continuous innovation.”

Desert Mist Vaping, Leon Engelbrecht Design, MiCam Namibia Cameras & Accessories CC, Magnifique Gifts, Namibia Rubberstamps & Engravings, and Candles ꞌn More are some of the businesses currently listed on DotDune, however, the company has an ongoing vendor sign-up process and calls out to local businesses who want to take their products online to join the platform. Businesses can choose from a range of vendor packages to suit their needs and product offerings. Vendors interested in signing up can go to or call 0811225551.

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