Kraatz supports Walvis Bay Primary School

Kraatz supports Walvis Bay Primary School

Kraatz (Pty) Ltd, a local engineering service provider and subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, proudly showcases its commitment to education, sustainable development, and community well-being through the donation of labour and consumables for a standalone ablution facility of the Walvis Bay Primary School. The facility, ingeniously repurposed from a 6-meter shipping container, is set to elevate the overall experience of participants and spectators alike during school events. This display of solidarity and partnership between Kraatz and Walvis Bay Primary School exemplifies the positive impact that collaboration between local businesses and educational institutions can have on the community.

The Walvis Bay Primary School expressed their gratitude for the donation, highlighting its practicality and versatility. “This facility will significantly enhance the experience of our learners, parents, and staff during sport events, and we are truly appreciative of Kraatz support to our school and community.” Mr. Charl Theron – School Director Walvis Bay Primary School. By breathing life into this project, both entities underscore the positive impact such collaborations can have on the development of the society they serve.

Mr. Frank Kernstock, Managing Director of Kraatz echoed the sentiment remarking, “We are delighted to enhance the comfort and convenience of the school’s sports days and events. This donation is a testament to our belief in giving back to the community and supporting educational endeavors. We hope this facility will serve the school and its attendees for years to come.” This endeavor exemplifies the positive outcomes achievable through collaboration between local businesses and educational institutions. As Walvis Bay Primary School continues to provide enriching experiences for its learners, the impact of such initiatives on the community remains immeasurable. Kraatz Pty Ltd remains resolute in its commitment to the community, personifying the group’s purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life.” By being a force for good, the company takes ownership of the future of the community it hails from and operates within.

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