Kraatz Engineering: Precision and excellence behind the swift restoration of the Seamount Explorer

In an exhibition of unparalleled precision and engineering excellence, Kraatz Engineering, a subsidiary of the O&L Group of Companies, has announced the successful and expedited restoration of the Motor Fishing Vessel Seamount Explorer, which was involved in a collision that caused significant structural damage to the front part of the vessel. This triumph not only reinstates Kraatz Engineering’s position as a local industry leader but also elevates the global standards in engineering, underscoring their commitment to delivering exceptional results both locally and internationally.

Frank Kernstock, Managing Director of Kraatz, highlighted the company’s swift response, “In the face of tight schedules and to minimize production losses for our client, Seawork Fish Processors (Pty) Ltd (“Seawork”), the MFV Seamount Explorer required rapid yet precise repair work. Kraatz’s tender win was predicated on our precise and accurate commercial proposal, forward-thinking, a dedicated team, and our signature exceptional customer service that our clients have come to trust.”

Upholding their reputation for setting new standards in engineering, Kraatz proposed a bold timeline of 2 months for the repairs, a testament to their expertise and a stark contrast to the lengthier proposals from competitors. This promise was kept by a team of seasoned professionals who worked tirelessly through the festive season, doubling their efforts without compromising on the quality and innovation that Kraatz is synonymous with.

“Logistical hurdles presented by the holiday season were adeptly managed,” Kernstock added. “A strategic acquisition and transportation of materials, including Loyd’s grade steel plates and bulb flats, were arranged from Durban. This not only conserved resources but also reflected the ‘Precision Meets Excellence’ ethos that Kraatz Engineering embodies.”

The repair process was a concerted effort, with multiple teams working across the clock in the main workshop and machine shop, tackling both structural and hydraulic piping scopes in tandem. The Synchro-lift facility played a crucial role in facilitating additional propulsion and hull services required, ensuring that the MFV Seamount Explorer could return to the sea as per required standards.

Kraatz’s commitment to transparency and client engagement ensured that Seawork was regularly updated, a move that was greatly appreciated by Jürgen Sander, Managing Director of Seawork. “We are grateful for the commitment and professionalism displayed by the Kraatz team. Their prompt solutions and consistent communication were commendable. We look forward to having the MFV Seamount Explorer back in rotation for our fishing operation, a much-needed catching capacity boost, after having just completed a successful sea trial post repair.”

In reflection of the project’s success, Kernstock extended his gratitude to the Kraatz team, “A heartfelt thank you to every individual, from the planners to the hands-on workers, who gave their all to uphold and exceed our client’s expectations. Your dedication has not only set a new benchmark in service but also proudly represented Kraatz and the O&L Group.”

Kraatz Engineering is your trusted partner in precision engineering excellence, recognized for elevating standards in the industry. The MFV Seamount Explorer’s resurgence is a clear indicator of Kraatz’s unwavering dedication to engineering quality, standards, and customer satisfaction.

Seamount Explorer 1
Seamount Explorer 2
Seamount Explorer Before 1
Seamount Explorer Before 2 1

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