Introducing O&L Europe


As part of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group’s recent expansion plans which include developments for its Namibian subsidiaries – such as establishing a new Hangana Seafood factory and rebuilding Mokuti Etosha Lodge – Germany has been further selected to strengthen the Group’s resilience and offerings with the formation of a new European holding company, O&L Europe. Officially established in November 2022 and headed by Steffen Kammerer as Managing Director (MD), the company will house the O&L Group’s European businesses and operations, primarily being in Germany.

O&L Europe will consist of already established O&L Nexentury (in energy development), O&L Immobilien (property development and investment), O&L Sustainable Finance (finance and investment) and future activities in the hospitality industry.

Kammerer: “This is a truly historical opportunity for the O&L Group to leverage the enormous growth potential of the German market and to set the stage for future expansion. O&L with its century-long history stands like no other company for continuity and sustainability, which will provide positive leverage to expand our new European businesses.

“Sustainability is the strategic key with which we will address the market’s energy and environmental issues and unlock our own success. Our European business model provides cradle-to-grave renewable energy infrastructure, real estate and hospitality asset development services and strategic capital to address Germany’s and expanding to Europe’s most pressing energy and sustainability challenges.”

Originally one of a trio of O&L Nexentury MD’s, Kammerer will continue to serve as MD on the O&L Nexentury board. Of the other two O&L Nexentury MD’s, Bernd Walbaum will be responsible for leading Nexentury Africa which has operations in Namibia, South Africa and Ivory Coast; and Rollie Armstrong will be leading Nexentury Europe, with Germany as its market.

According to Sven Thieme, O&L Group Executive Chairman, “It is extremely exciting to enter the new year with the possibilities of O&L Europe on the horizon. An investment of this nature grants us as a Group greater resilience to external shocks and contributes to a more stable environment wherein our existing businesses can thrive. Establishing relationships, growing our capabilities and expanding our footprint beyond our borders creates greater opportunities, not only for our Group, but for our people and the country, and I am eager to see these opportunities advance.”

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