Edulution inspires positive change


The Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group is proud to celebrate with the Edulution Program on its success in Namibia, since its official introduction to the local education sector, one year ago. As a proud supporter of the program, the group embraces this celebration and congratulates the Edulution team on a job well done!

Introduced in Namibia in March 2019, Edulution provides extra-curricular numeracy programs to primary school learners, aimed at enabling learners to revise and master essential numeracy and ITC skills and in turn allow teachers to better deliver their curriculum objectives. It is a digital learning social enterprise that runs after-school numeracy and literacy programs in Zambia, and since last year in Katutura, Namibia. Established in 2015, Edulution has provided foundational learning to over 12,000 children and achieved impressive results due to its unique combination of technology, exciting content, effective coaching and a comprehensive performance measurement system.

It has been a successful year so far for the program says Head of Marketing and Communications of Edulution, Michael Clarke. Highlights include the launch of a new learning platform. Clarke: “The new learning platform, Kolibri was launched earlier this year, and is able to reach learners even in the midst of the nationwide lockdown. Aiming to grow more learners, the program plans to open five (5) rural centres this year, which will bring the number of centres in Namibia to 15. Our goal in 2020 is to shift the graduation curve to the right getting more learners to graduate on the higher Alpha courses so they are on grade level by the time they reach Grade 7. This is the challenge we address as an extracurricular program, as most learners are 2 to 3 years behind their grade level.” Clarke further expressed his gratitude towards the O&L Group for their support.

“Thank you once again O&L Group, and in particular its Group Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme for supporting our efforts to transform learning and to be of service to create futures for those less fortunate.”

Education has always been one of the key focus areas of the O&L Group Corporate Social Investment (CSI) portfolio. Sven Thieme: “It was therefore just befitting that we support a program such as Edulution that has a clear vision and dream of uplifting academics of our future leaders. The dream of Edulution speaks directly to our purpose of creating a future, enhancing life and to our vision of being a catalyst for positive change. The aim of this program is not only to enable learners to master their numeracy and ITC skills but to support those in vulnerable communities, thus helping them reach their full potential as Namibia’s leaders of tomorrow.”

Edulution kid tablet
Edulution kid tablet
Edulution kid and Sven
Edulution kid tablet
Edulution and O&L
Edulution team

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