Public drive-through recyclable facility at Dagbreek School

One of the top performing schools at the annual Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) Schools Recycling Competition (SRC), Dagbreek Special School just introduced a public drive-through facility, for recyclables in the Capital.

FNB Namibia, who has been a valued partner in the RNF Schools Recycling Competition since its inception in 2012, handed over a newly refurbished recycling stand to Dagbreek School to assist in the collection of recyclables. FNB Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Manager, Revonia Kahivere: “Our strategy is based on the four (4) P’s of which one is the Planet pillar and includes the development and protection of our environment. Through the RNF’s Schools Recycling Competition, we wish to convey a positive environmental message. Environmental issues are not only the problem of a group of people, such as municipalities and government but also the concern of every Namibian citizen. If everybody plays their part by picking up litter, recycling, saving water and more – all over the world – the planet can become a better place to live in. Remember that we are all affected by climate change. If we do not hold hands to address or minimise these issues with people and organisations, we will fail as a nation.”

In addition to its newly constructed drive-through facility, the Dagbreek School, according to RNF Coordinator, Anita Witt, also serves as a “recycling hub” in which they have containers that are used to collect household batteries, light and fluorescent bulbs, as well as e-waste. Witt: “This makes the school a perfect one-stop visit to responsibly dispose of a variety of items. The drive-through which is located on the premises of the Dagbreek School in Hebenstreit Street, Ludwigsdorf, opened to the public over the festive season. RNF invites the Windhoek community to make use of this facility to correctly dispose of recyclable material such as paper, plastic, glass and cans.”

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