Hangana Seafood & Escalate Investments improve livelihood at Dr. Fischer School Hostel

Hangana Seafood & Escalate Investments improve livelihood at Dr. Fischer School Hostel

Conducted by the Prime Minister, Hon. Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, 200 mattresses and beds were last week Friday handed over to the Dr. Fischer Primary School at the Aminuis Reserve, in the Omaheke Region. Donated by Hangana Seafood – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group -, and Escalate Investments respectively, this donation was a response to the need for a healthier and more stable environment at the school hostel, and will contribute to a better night’s sleep for the learners, and a more conducive learning environment. 

Delivering the keynote address at the handing over ceremony, Kuugongelwa-Amadhila stressed that schools need to be adequately resourced in order for effective learning to take place. She also expressed appreciation that some schools have to operate with less than what they need, but stressed that much more can be achieved with the resources available, and that the dismal performance of some schools cannot be explained away by arguments of inadequate resources. Kuugongelwa-Amadhila: “The Government will, however, continue to strengthen funding to schools and improve the targeting and utilization of such funds to achieve more results from our limited resources. In this regard, I wish to applaud our private sector partners, Escalate Investments and the O&L Group for their generous donations to this school. Corporate social responsibility has become more important now more than ever, given the limited resources available to Government to deal with the unyielding challenges facing our country, including in the education sector. I encourage the rest of our corporate sector to follow this good example of trying to meet Government half way so that we can pick up speed in reaching all our people with essential services, bearing in mind that an investment into our communities is an investment in the future of our country and is thus an investment in all of us and not a form of charity to the individual recipient communities.”

The O&L Group Manager: Corporate Relations, Patricia Hoeksema who handed over the mattresses on behalf of Hangana Seafood emphasized on the O&L Group’s comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that sees the Group investing extensively into community upliftment throughout Namibia, with particular focus on education, support to children from marginalized communities, people with disabilities, and orphaned and vulnerable children. In addition to contributing to these initiatives, Hangana Seafood directly supports various charities and rural communities which benefit from fish donations on a regular basis. Hoeksema: “This morning’s humble donation speaks directly to the O&L Group purpose ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ – a purpose Hangana Seafood is very passionate about, hence our immediate response to support the Dr. Fischer Primary School sponsorship request, to improve the living conditions of the children in the hostel. We are optimistic that this humble contribution of 200 mattresses valued at close to N$ 120,000 will encourage the children to enjoy school and study hard, and do great in further enhancing their education to make greater contributions to our economy and country. When we invest in our children, and in the local education sector, we invest in the future of Namibia - our children, their children and generations to come, and hope that this morning’s contribution will go a long way in the future of the Dr. Fischer Primary School, its learners, and also in the future of education in Namibia.”

The 200 mattresses donated by Hangana Seafood complements the 200 beds donated by Escalate Investments.

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