NBL re-affirms support of LEFA

Since its introduction to the Windhoek public transport sector in February 2018, Cab App service provider, LEFA, empo

Sven Thieme

O&L Group Executive Chairman

Hendrik van der Westhuizen

O&L Group Chief Executive Officer

Gideon Shilongo

O&L Group Director Corporate Relations

Patricia Hoeksema

O&L Group Manager Corporate Relations

Günther Hanke

O&L Group Financial Director

Berthold Mukuahima

O&L Group Human Capital Director

Martin Theron

MD O&L Centre

Marco Wenk

MD Namibia Breweries Limited

Herman Theron

MD Hangana Seafood

Bernd Walbaum

MD O&L Energy

Mike Reilly

MD Brandtribe

Graeme Mouton

MD Model Pick n Pay

Norbert Wurm

MD O&L Leisure

Eugene Louw

MD Kraatz Marine

Gunther Ling

MD Namibia Dairies

Nadja Dobberstein

MD Weathermen & Co.

Eike Krafft

MD Organic Energy Solutions / Director of Emerging Businesses

Rowan Kleintjies

MD Dimension Data

Terence Makari

MD Broll Namibia